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Conor McGregor Next Fight: 5 Fan Favourite and Possible Matchups For The Notorious

The Biggest Name In the Business

Conor”The Notoriuos” McGregor,   synonymous with excitement in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).The first fighter ever to hold 2 UFC title (Featherweight and Lightweight) simultaneously. Despite a career filled with both triumphant victories and stinging defeats, McGregor’s return to the Octagon is always a hot topic. The anticipation of who he will face next stirs the MMA community, and with his name consistently headlining news, speculation runs wild. Here are five potential opponents for Conor McGregor’s next fight, each offering unique storylines and challenges that could electrify the MMA world.

5. Nate Diaz  Trilogy 

Nate Diaz v Conor McGregor

The trilogy bout between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz is perhaps the most anticipated fight in MMA. With their first two encounters at UFC 196 and UFC 202 becoming instant classics, a third bout would settle the score once and for all. Their rivalry is one of the most memorable in UFC history, characterized by intense trash talk, dramatic in-ring action, and mutual respect.

Potential Storyline: The McGregor-Diaz trilogy would be marketed as a battle of redemption and legacy. Both fighters have expressed interest in making this fight happen, and it would undoubtedly generate massive interest. For McGregor, avenging his loss and securing a decisive victory would be a significant feather in his cap. For Diaz, another win over McGregor would be a crowning achievement in his career.

4. Justin Gaethje

Justin gaethje

Justin Gaethje, with his aggressive fighting style and penchant for brutal leg kicks, presents a compelling challenge for McGregor. Gaethje’s relentless pressure and willingness to engage in a brawl would test McGregor’s striking and durability, making for an exciting matchup.

Potential Storyline: A fight between McGregor and Gaethje would be a high-stakes encounter, with the winner likely positioning himself for a title shot. The narrative could revolve around McGregor’s return to elite competition and Gaethje’s quest to add a marquee name to his resume. Their contrasting styles—McGregor’s precision striking versus Gaethje’s relentless aggression—would create a fascinating tactical battle.

3. Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira, the former lightweight champion, has shown an interest in facing McGregor. Oliveira’s well-rounded skill set, including his elite grappling and improved striking, would provide a formidable challenge for McGregor. A fight with Oliveira would also be a high-profile event that could potentially lead to a title shot for the winner.

Potential Storyline: McGregor vs. Oliveira would be a clash of styles—McGregor’s striking against Oliveira’s grappling. The storyline could focus on McGregor’s return to the title picture and his quest to prove he can still compete with the best. For Oliveira, a win over McGregor would reaffirm his status as a top contender and solidify his place in the division’s elite.

2. Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal, with his street-fighter persona and striking prowess, would make for a blockbuster fight against McGregor. Both fighters are known for their charisma and knockout power, making this a highly marketable matchup. Masvidal’s size and experience in the welterweight division would also present a new challenge for McGregor.

Potential Storyline: The fight between McGregor and Masvidal would be billed as a clash of two of the UFC’s biggest personalities. The narrative could revolve around McGregor’s attempt to conquer the welterweight division and Masvidal’s quest to add another high-profile victory to his record. Their pre-fight banter and promotional antics would likely captivate fans and generate significant media attention.

1. Colby CovingtonColby Covington

Colby Covington, known for his wrestling prowess and relentless cardio, also brings a controversial persona that would make a bout with Conor McGregor a promoter’s dream. Covington’s trash-talking ability rivals McGregor’s, promising a lead-up filled with fireworks. This fight would be McGregor’s chance to test himself against a top welterweight, providing intrigue both inside and outside the cage.

Potential Storyline: McGregor vs. Covington would be marketed as a clash of two heel personalities as well as fighting styles. The narrative could focus on McGregor’s attempt to conquer the welterweight division and his response to Covington’s wrestling-heavy approach. For Covington, a fight with McGregor offers a massive payday and the opportunity to solidify his status as a draw in the sport.

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