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Dustin Poirier Net worth, Hot sauce, Wife, Tattoos

Dustin poirier punching

Dustin Poirier Net worth

dustin poirier

Dustin Glenn Poirier is a professional MMA fighter who competes in UFC lightweight  division (155 lbs). As of now Dustin Poirier Net worth stands at $6 million dollars . He earned his fortunes by Fight purse, Endorsements and other business ventures.

Salary and Career Earnings

The Diamond has earned around whopping $11 million throughout his career as fight purse. He received highest fight purse when he fought Conor Mcgregor At UFC 264 in july ,2021 where he earned approximately $5million dollars including PPV points. In previous Mcgregor bout  at UFC 257 he managed to bank around $1.1 million dollars including PPV points.

With back to back wins against Conor  Mcgregor who is considered as the biggest name in the sport gave massive boost to his star power. If we look at his fight purse post Mcgregor fights we will see exponential growth in his salary as he earned $1.6 million against Micheal Chandler and in his most recent bout against Benoit-Saint Denis he racked up $ 1.8 million in his pocket.

Dustin Poirier Hot sauce

dustin poirier hot sauce

The Diamond teams up with Canadian company named Heartbeat Hotsauce to make Poirier’s Louisiana Style hot sauce. It was released on December 8,2020. The main ingredients of this hot sauce are Vinegar, garlic, aged cayenne peppers, sea salt, canola oil, celery, red habanero. The 6fl oz bottle of this sauce cost around $12 bucks.

Dustin Poirier Wife

Dustin poirie wife

Dustin Poirier married his childhood friend Jolie LeBlanc on September 4, 2009.The couple had their first child a daughter named Parker in 2016. Poirier spends most of his time with wife and daughter in Louisiana but shifts to American Top Team in Florida during a fight camp.

Dustin Poirier Tattoos

Dustin poirier tatoos

Poirier is well known for his tattoos as he has them on his chest both the biceps arms, legs. In 2003 he got his first tattoo at the age of 14. Parker Noelle the name of his daughter has tattooed on his chest and Tiger stripes in other parts of chest.  The Diamond has a large cross tattoo on his right thigh which shows he has a strong faith in religion.

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